3333 Dysto Azuki's have come from the future to save humanity and support the Azuki family. In our near future, the earth is dying, very few humans survive. Our greed and selfishness is killing us and the course of history has to change so we do not suffer the same fate.

Our vision is to grow, share and support the #azuki community so we will start by giving away up to 3 Azuki Beanz to 3 lucky #dystoazuki holders and 50% of all secondary royalties will go to support ongoing giveaways to community members.

Azuki Beanz Giveaway Milestones:
1k minted = 1st Bean unlocks
2k minted = 2nd Bean unlocks
3k minted = 3rd Bean unlocks

Lets say goodbye to a world that is created by many and owned by few and create a new vision of the future together. Not Affiliated with Azuki Official.